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January 2022 Interactive Energy Reading

January 2022 Interactive Energy Reading

Your January 2022 Reading reveals:


  • your card’s main message to you
  • your intention to carry with you throughout the month
  • how you can reflect and transition into this year with more ease and comfort


Last year was filled with change, and this year holds the breakthrough you’ve been yearning for. 


The first month of 2022 is a natural time to set your intentions for the year ahead.

It’s the perfect chance to start dreaming of goals you want to set.


Each card holds a unique energy, helping you attune to your current path.


The card that pulls your attention towards it has a message for you and will help you set this year off on the right foot.


Your reading will help guide you on your path, gently and with the support you need.


Look at the image and choose the card that calls out to you first. (No second guessing, your intuition knows.)


Receiving and downloading your Reading is easy! After you complete your purchase, scroll down on the receipt page and there will be a download link for you.


You’ll also receive an e-mail that includes your receipt and the reading you’ve intuitively selected.


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