In the Eye of Death

March 28, 2018

I used to often think about death--not death in general but my own in particular. When death is no longer an abstraction due to the loss of a loved one, a terminal diagnosis, or just to question, I often wonder how do I live with knowing everything will cease to be someday? This is a question with ever-changing answers and one of these answers I found comforting and intriguing was spoken by the Buddhist Zen Master Eihei Dogen, “In birth there is nothing but birth and in death, there is nothing but death. Accordingly, when birth comes, face and actualize birth and when death comes, face and actualize death. Do not avoid them or desire them.”


To cling to birth and to try to remain it in, I will lose this life.  Just set them aside, forget about them and I became free from birth and death. Live wholesomely, not attached to birth and death, compassionate towards all beings, do not seek anything else. This is the awakening to my own mortality.    







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