Your Intuition

April 8, 2018


There is a story about a tribe in the Amazon jungle that communicate with trees. They will tune in with the trees during a hunt and if they feel peace, they continue on their journey but if they feel danger, they return home. They live safely by using their intuition but you don't have to be a part of an Amazon tribe to do the same.


1. Trust: This is a big word. First and foremost, you must trust yourself. You must be devoted to your heart and soul. The devotion will attune you to what it really needs and that you will find the strength to support it. You will stop seeking for validation of your worth but instead trust what may come calling is exactly what is meant for you.


2. Becoming Still: In today's society, we have developed this "to-do-list" type of lifestyle. We must be doing something productive in order to feel good. Too often we ignore the signs to tell us to go inward. This stillness is necessary to settle our nervous system down so that our body can become attuned to our soul. 


Once you trust yourself and taking more time to be still, you will start to notice little changes about yourself. You will see the beauty, you will be more grateful. What's gone is the subtle anxiety that lingers around in your daily experiences. You no longer will have the urge to make things happen. You will sense an overall relaxation of peace, joy and gentleness. You will connect deeper with your inner guidance, your intuition. 

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