Music and Media

April 12, 2018

We all know sound has a direct effect on our energy field. A soothing sound calms our nervous systems and helps us re-energize when we feel low. It will help reshape our energy frequency into a healthy pattern. A music piece with angry lyrics and unorganized rhythm creates sharp edges digging into the surface of our energy field. It is wise to choose uplifting music with beautiful harmonies. 


In these tumultuous times, it appears to be very difficult not to be affected by media. It seems impossible to escape the influences created by television, radio, newspaper and social media. All these have the potential to carry negativity into our energy field and thus lowering our vibrations. It is best that we find ways to steer clear from any media that might affect our psyche and perception of life. If it is difficult for you to avoid media, start by being selective, guard your eyes and ears from all potential negative news that might upset you. Instead, enjoy stories that bring love and warmth to your heart and soul. This will not only raise your vibration, it just might lower your blood pressure as well.

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