Lack of Movement and Cleanliness

April 13, 2018

As we know mosquitos like stagnant water, a murky swamp promotes unhealthy organisms. Whereas, a crystal-clear, flowing stream creates fresh oxygen for healthy living. Bodies that do not move breed disease, while bodies that remain active encourages its systems to be self-refreshing and healthy. When one is depressed or ill, one then to be sedentary. To prevent inertia, you should find ways to move the body purposefully with gentle force that enable the fluid within to flow smoothly.


Another aspect that is very similar to the above when it comes to lifting your vibration is cleanliness. Many spiritual traditions believe that as part of one's spiritual development, you are to keep yourself hygienically clean. Dirt carry with it a low vibration and so if you are full of dirt, you carry its low energy. Bathe daily, especially after a stressful event, you may even want to bathe with cold water to cleanse off the outer layer of affected energy field.  This will help to maintain a healthy, high vibration frequency. 




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