Visualization of Spirit Guides II "Seeing"

April 15, 2018


Let's continue with my discussion on how I make contact with spirit guides. The first sense I will use is my feeling, my gut intuition. Using my intuition together with my color association, I am able to discern who I am working with. Once I establish that, I will use my soul-eyes to visualize an image. For the purpose of this explanation, I will refer to an image of Kuan Yin, the quintessential bodhisattva of compassion. She is white in color with four arms, seated in the louts position. I will try to "see" the details of her appearance, I use the word "see" metaphorically because I don't actually see her with my physical eyes, instead I see her with my devotion to her. It is through my own conviction that I develop the ability to see all the details of her form. I start with her face, if thats too much, I will just concentrate on the shape of her eyes or mouth. Once I am there, I will slowly move to another part of her body. With practice and patience, you can see her in her entirety. If that's too hard, you can start off with staring at a photograph or painting of her. You can study the image and try to maintain what you see with the physical eyes, then turning away from it, concentrate and imagine the outline of figure of her before you in space. Seeing her is more than just having a visual, seeing her is connecting to her energy, her immeasurable compassion. Return for tomorrow's post on using our ears to hear our guides. 

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