Simple Habits Part 1

April 23, 2018



We all have heard the saying "Happiness comes from within" so why do so many of us seek it outside of ourselves? You are not to be blamed. This world we live in, this material world to be exact is always suggesting that if we owned the big house, the nice car, or the expensive watch or even something as drastic as changing one's look through surgery, that you may be just a step away from being happy. If we see through the vain attempts of materialistic fulfillment, we will come to realize there must be a better way. So, lets go back to the saying "Happiness comes from within", let go of what is unnecessary and embrace simplicity. When you simplify your life with just what you need materially, you will find room to fill it with a deeper sense of happiness. Once you realized happiness truly comes from within, you no longer have the desire to search for it outside of you. 




When you develop a selfless attitude towards life, you will start to focus less on yourself and more on others. You will be more balanced emotionally because you will realize all the small things that bothers you no longer holds you hostage. You will reorganize that being more selfless brings deeper happiness in your spiritual life. It is also one of the most common teachings of all spirituality, help others, help yourself. You don't have to give great things, most significant givings are of small tokens. A smile, an acknowledgment, a thank you, an apology, a hug, all simple but profound givings you have the ability to give. Law of attraction means once you start giving, you shall receive the same in return. 






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