Your Inner Goddess

May 20, 2018


Spirit says a Goddess is neither man nor woman, but a heart-centered being. If you radiate love and stand in your truth, you are a Goddess. To awaken your inner Goddess and embrace your infinite power is everyone's path. For many of you, you start your lives with concerns of how the world view you. What other people think of you, judgments, comparisons, materialism, appearances, all these setting bars of how you should live. This is a reflection of an outward journey. At some point, your focus will turn inward bit by bit. Slowly, you will let go of the outward journey's qualifications and realized happiness, truth, peace are the real path of inner discovery. You are awakening to your true eternal nature. Everything is energy, when you start awakening your inner power, you will feel your vibration rising everyday. This universe will answer to your call becoming a Goddess. It will help you to raise your vibration as you have set an intention to put yourself at the center of you. This is self-love. 



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