You Are Already Complete

April 28, 2018


Our lives seem unsatisfying, that why our experiences or possessions never appear to bring us forever lasting happiness. It is an interesting question worth further examination. We are always wanting more, why is enough isn't enough for us. When possessions start to possess us, when all efforts are put into owning our belongings, taking care of them, working for them and worrying about losing them. We try to fill that void with tangible things while knowing all along that that void will never be filled. Possessions aren't the problem, our attachment to them is the problem. This attachment we form to our possessions and experiences governs every part of our beings. . We must seek ways to free ourselves from the attachment, from the fear of losing what we perceive we own. As we go through all the important events of our lives, wedding, birth of a child, promotion, while these events changes certain functional aspects of our lives, it doesn't necessary transform your being forever. You are the same person as the day before, just with additional attachments to your additional possessions . As long as you have the desire to be something other than who you are, that void will always be there. Maybe what we have been looking for is already within us, simply undiscovered. 

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