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Exploring the Somatic of Intuition

Intuition is our natural ability to quickly and instinctively respond, allowing us to react swiftly in an uncertain and ever-changing world. It's like a flower blooming within us, embodying compassion and creativity, and contributing to our individuality, spontaneity, and ability to connect with others. How intuition shows up varies from person to person, influenced by factors like genetics, upbringing, and culture. Despite its constant role in navigating our physical, social, and spiritual lives, intuition is often overlooked in conversation.


This weekend workshop explores intuition from various perspectives, including its origins in evolution, its roots in our biology, how it's felt in the body, and the differences between individuals. We'll delve into both the beneficial and potentially harmful aspects of intuition, exploring its normal and exceptional qualities, and identifying the best conditions for nurturing and developing it.

Date and Time: Friday June 28, 2024 7:30-9:00pm

Saturday, June 29, 2024 10:00am-6:00pm

Cost: Early Bird $135 (May 31st or before)

$155 (June 1st and after) 

Location: Online Zoom. All sessions will be recorded 

Limited to 12 participants 

What is Intuition and Why do We Need It?

We will discuss what intuition is and why it often isn't given enough credit. We will pinpoint key aspects of intuition: sudden realizations, newfound understanding, seeing the bigger picture, immediate knowing, and nonverbal insights. We will look at how our bodies play a central role in how we perceive and act, which is crucial in understanding instincts, hunches, and gut feelings. We will identify two ways our minds process information: intuition, which happens unconsciously and from the bottom up, and deliberation, which is conscious and top-down. In our daily lives,  we need both intuition and deliberation as we switch between them depending on the situation.

Exploring Play and Creativity

We will explore different types of intuition, ranging from everyday experiences to more exceptional occurrences. We will discuss how some intuitive moments are tied to our immediate interactions with others, while others seem to transcend time and space. You will discover your own unique way of experiencing flashes, hunches, and gut feelings. We'll also share personal stories from our experiences, highlighting both common and extraordinary instances of intuitive knowing. We'll discuss the benefits of intuition as well as its potential pitfalls, helping you recognize when intuition may be misused or abused. 

We will also dive into the fun side of things: play and creativity. We will take part in exercises, exploring freely on how using metaphors that relate to our bodies to help us understand our feelings and problems better. We will also talk about how being creative is important, with metaphors often showing us new ways to look at our issues and how to tackle them. We will also discuss how mindful movement can be a source of embodied metaphors offering key concepts for growth and healing.

Summer Yin Yoga and Qi Gong Workshop

Join us for a rejuvenating workshop that taps into the essence of summer's fiery energy, integrating Yin Yoga, Qigong, and Meditation to harmonize the small intestine and heart meridians. As the sun ascends to its zenith and nature flourishes with vibrant vitality, we'll harness the warmth and dynamism of summer's fire element to revitalize our bodies, minds, and spirits. Through Yin Yoga, we'll delve into profound stretches and meditative postures, with a focus on stimulating the small intestine and heart meridians to enhance digestion, emotional balance, and heart health. In the gentle flow of Qigong, we'll cultivate inner resilience and equilibrium, aligning with the fluidity of life force energy coursing through these meridians. Guided meditations will kindle our inner fire, fostering clarity, compassion, and creativity, while nurturing the interconnectedness of our digestive and emotional well-being. Together, we'll embrace the transformative power of summer's fire element, departing feeling rejuvenated, empowered, and attuned to the radiant essence of the season.

  • Begin with an introduction to the energetic qualities of Summer, its connection to the Fire element.

  • Guided Qi Gong sequence to calm the anxious heart. 

  • Guided Yin yoga session tailored for the Small Intestine/Heart meridians. 

  • Meditative practices to encourage inner reflection 

Date: Saturday, June 15, 2024

Time: 10:00am-12:30pm

Place:808 Foothill Blvd, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011

Cost: $44

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