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Welcome to Empowering Your Soul-Heart
A Journey with Francine

At the core of every human being lies a wellspring of wisdom and healing potential. I believe that we are all capable of profound self-transformation. However, there are times when we seek guidance and tools to navigate our unique human experiences.

My philosophy centers on the concept of "soul-heart consciousness." I am dedicated to assisting you in opening your heart center and expanding your awareness of the infinite possibilities for inner peace and clarity that reside within you. With my guidance, you can tap into your own innate wisdom and healing abilities.

My Promise to You:

  1. Acknowledgment of Your Divine Source: I recognize the divine spark within you, the creative force that is unique to your being.

  2. Serving the Light of Divine Power: I hold sacred space for your journey, allowing the divine light to illuminate your path to healing and self-discovery.

  3. Honoring Your Free Will:  I respect your individuality and offer my support and comfort while honoring your free will every step of the way.


Begin Your Journey:

Are you ready to explore the depths of your own wisdom and healing potential? I invite you to book a session with me, where you'll discover the power within yourself to transform, heal, and grow. With my guidance, you can open the doors to a life filled with profound joy, love, and abundance.


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I am a gifted psychic medium and healer based in the serene city of Pasadena, California. My spiritual journey began at a tender age, nurtured within the embrace of my Buddhist family. It's a journey that has taken me to the far corners of the world and led me to the profound realization of her innate abilities.


A Spiritual Quest: 

After completing college, I embarked on a soul-stirring quest for knowledge and enlightenment. My path led me to diverse spiritual traditions, taking me through the mystic landscapes of China, Tibet, India, and Japan. It was during this odyssey that my heightened senses began to awaken, allowing me to connect with the spirit world.


The Road to Mastery:

Upon returning to the United States, my thirst for spiritual growth continued. I sought the guidance of world-acclaimed spiritual teachers and mediums, refining my innate talents and deepening my connection with the unseen realms. This period of dedicated learning allowed me to develop a unique blend of healing modalities, complemented by my intuitive gifts.


Your Path to Self-Discovery:

My mission is clear: to help you uncover your true higher self. With my finely tuned abilities and rich spiritual background, I serve as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Through my guidance and healing touch, you can embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, inner healing, and transformation.


Mediumship Development---Arthur Findlay College, England

Psychic Development--- Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche 

Certified Master Reiki---lnanna Moon

Pranic Healing Breath---Awareness Center 

Mindfulness Meditation---Spirit Rock Mediation Center

Mindfulness Movement/Yoga---200 RYT. Spiral Path Yoga Center

Restorative Yoga Therapy---Leeann Cary, Yapana Yoga 

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