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 March-May 2024 Mentorship Program 

This 3-months online program provides a holistic journey into the realm of spiritual and psychic development, designed to nurture and enhance your innate abilities. Through a blend of individual assessments, personalized mentorship, hands-on workshops, and vibrant community engagement, participants embark on an enriching exploration of their psychic potential. From honing psychic skills to connecting with like-minded individuals on the same path, this program offers a unique and comprehensive opportunity for personal growth and transformation. Join us on this enlightening journey to unlock the mysteries of the psychic world and connect with a community of kindred spirits who share your passion and curiosity. This program is limited to only 14 people.

Cancellation policy  

  • Full refund offered if cancelled more than 14 days before program starts.  

  • Refund minus $475 if cancelled less than 14 days before program starts.  

  • No Refund if cancelled after program has started.  

  • The same guidelines apply for payment plans. You are committed to completing all payments, as agreed upon at time of registration, even if you decide to drop out of the program. 

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